Local Ex-Serviceman Ready to Fight for Townsville

Townsville born firefighter and ex-serviceman John Ring has been endorsed by the Labor Party to contest the seat of Herbert at the next Federal election.

John spent over 14 years in the RAAF and currently works at the Townsville Airport as an aviation firefighter.

The father of three, and Ignatius Park old boy, said today he felt privileged to have the opportunity to stand for election in his hometown.

“I know there is a lot of hard work ahead and I’m fully committed to doing my very best to highlight local issues and get a better deal for our region,” Mr. Ring said.

“We’re not getting the leadership we deserve from the Morrison Government, which is all about spin.

“The Government has failed on the vaccination roll-out, failed on aged care and veterans support, and failed to deliver adequate economic support for our communities.

“Our city and our residents deserve better than an MP who has failed to deliver for our community and stood by watching more government cuts, whilst he was preoccupied with playing politics.”

“I’m a local who loves my hometown and I believe with my 15 years of experience in the RAAF I have a strong understanding of the issues faced by our broader community and our service men and women.”

Mr. Ring said the Government’s attempt to cut aviation firefighting services in Australia, had inspired him to consider running as a candidate.

“Along with many of my firefighting colleagues we fought hard to stop the government from going ahead with the cutbacks that threatened to leave airports in regional QLD without a firefighting capacity stationed at the airport.

“That was a significant moment for me, and I wanted to do something about it for regional communities.”

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said that “Herbert is an electorate that needs an MP willing to fight for regional Queenslanders.”

“John will be a champion for better health services for his community and a strong advocate for good local jobs in the region.”

“Under a Labor Government we’ll always make sure Townsville gets its fair share and regional Queenslanders have a voice in Government.”

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