Now that the New South Wales State Government has formally rejected the renewal of the PEP11 Petroleum Exploration Permit, the future of the project lies solely in the hands of the Morrison Government.

If renewed, PEP11 could see oil or gas rigs in the coastal waters between Port Stephens and Sydney.

Federal Labor stands on the side of coastal communities who have waged a strong community campaign against the permit.

This should be the end of the road for PEP11.

Oil and gas rigs have no place off the coast of New South Wales.

PEP11 offers no new jobs for locals and poses a threat to thousands of existing jobs in tourism, fishing and hospitality.

We call on the Federal Minister for Resources, Keith Pitt, to listen to his state government counterparts, the strong message of our communities and the local representatives from across the political spectrum who are united in their calls to stop PEP11 once and for all.

Not only does the PEP11 permit run alongside a stretch of coastline that is home to millions, but it is also is home to a rich ecosystem of sea life and host to the magnificent annual whale migration.

The community has rejected the project. Federal Labor and local elected representatives have rejected the project. Now the New South Wales Government has rejected the project.

It’s well past time for the Morrison Government to stop the uncertainty and put an end to PEP11 once and for all!

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