Young people experiencing homelessness will benefit from more accommodation options and support services to help them break the cycle of homelessness, thanks to a $6.1 million NSW Government investment announced today.

Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward said the package of support would help put young people on a pathway to housing independence.

“Secure housing is an important foundation for young people to live a happy and healthy life, and to realise their full potential,” Mr Ward said.

“With a safe place to call home, and support tailored to their individual needs, young people can live independently, study, train, work and pursue the things they love.”

The new funding will provide additional accommodation options for young people experiencing homelessness, including more medium-term housing options with appropriate support and supervision.

The NSW Government will continue to work closely with the sector to build on our responses for young people, informed by the recent evaluation of the Homelessness Youth Assistance Program.

Yfoundations CEO Pam Barker said the hidden nature of youth homelessness was becoming more visible through the pressures of the pandemic.

“Young people find themselves on the streets, without a permanent roof over their head, often through no fault of their own. Now more than ever, we need a pathway out of homelessness for our most vulnerable children and young people,” Ms Barker said.

“We welcome this desperately needed support from the NSW Government, and we will continue to work to keep seeing our youth homelessness services protect the increasing numbers of vulnerable young people.

The investment builds on the work the NSW Government has done during the pandemic to support young people at risk of homelessness. More than 360 people have been helped into housing through our Rent Choice Youth program since April.

Anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness can contact Link2home on 1800 152 152. Services and support are available 24-7, every day of the year.

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