The NSW Government will introduce laws to crack down on illegal firearm manufacturers, including those who supply the firearm parts or allow their premises to be used to manufacture weapons.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said the new offences will apply to anyone who ‘takes part’ in the illegal manufacture of firearms, similar to laws in place for taking part in the supply or manufacture of illicit drugs.

“There is a gap in the law where people that are involved in the process of manufacturing an illegal firearm are not captured under present laws, and this is something that must be rectified,” Mr Elliott said.

“As far as I am concerned, if someone plays any part in producing an illegal firearm then they should face the full force of the law. We know that our enhancements to Firearms Prohibition Orders have been extremely successful, but we also need to stay ahead of the curve in ensuring we combat illegal firearm manufacturing.”

The legislation will target:

  • Assemblage of parts in the illegal manufacture of firearms;
  • The acquisition, possession, use or supply of equipment, electronics (including digital blueprints or plans) components or materials;
  • Financing the illegal manufacture of firearms;
  • Participating in the illegal manufacture of firearms;
  • Providing premises used in the illegal manufacturing process; and
  • The manufacture of other prohibited weapons such as flick knives, zombie knives, flame throwers, kung fu sticks, knuckle-dusters, slingshots and mines.

It will also ensure the maximum penalty for illegal manufacturing will be 20 years. The legislation would not apply to law abiding firearm dealers or authorised commercial enterprises that are permitted to manufacture firearms.

The NSW Government will introduce a bill to Parliament early next year.

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