Labor commits to 21st century bridges for Kyogle

A Daley Labor Government in NSW will provide $9 million to replace and upgrade bridges in the Kyogle Council area.

This is part of Daley Labor’s plan to prioritise local infrastructure, such as bridges, schools and health facilities.

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The commitment will support the Kyogle Council bridge renewal program and matches a $9 million commitment by Federal Labor. State and federal Labor’s total investment into Kyogle Council bridges is $18 million.

“The people of the Northern Rivers region have every right to safe bridges. This basic duty of Government – safe roads and bridges to drive on – must be a top priority,” NSW Labor Leader, Michael Daley, said.

Kyogle council manages 311 bridge, 150 of which are timber bridges mainly built in the 1940s.

The bridge network is critical for the transport of timber, dairy, livestock and other industries which sustain the region.

“Kyogle council residents deserve safe and secure bridges which they can use well into the future,” Shadow Minister for Transport Jodi McKay said.

“These funds will go toward rebuilding modern bridges that are safer, last longer and can handle higher loads,” Country Labor Candidate for Lismore, Janelle Saffin, said.

“I can’t understand why the Nationals will support knocking down and rebuilding huge Sydney stadiums that get used once or twice a week. Our bridges are used many times a day and are in far greater need of investment. I don’t want to see our taxpayer money splurged on those stadiums.”

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