Greens say Govt misses opportunity to protect women from epidemic of DV

Australian Greens spokesperson for women, Senator Larissa Waters, on the Morrison Government legislating for 5 days’ unpaid domestic and family violence leave, which unanimously passed the Senate earlier today:

“The Government has missed an opportunity to actually protect women and children from the epidemic of violence against them in their homes.

“Women escaping DV need at least 10 days’ paid leave so they can keep themselves and their family safe without financial insecurity.

“The Greens’ amendments for 10 days’ paid leave would’ve given workers what they deserve and I look forward to delivering that once this pathetic government is turfed out.”

Of course recent studies have suggested that the so-called epidemic of DV is an invention of political interests. In recent high prestige studies Australian women were found to statistically feel safe. Compared to other countries the level of domestic violence in Australia is actually very good. In this debate no one is talking about the deaths of men only women to try to establish that murder is a woman only problem.

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