Greens Senator Calls for Boycott of Melbourne Cup

Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has said that she will be saying ‘Nup to the Cup’ and called on others to boycott the Melbourne Cup.
Senator Faruqi said:
“Year after year we see the needless painful deaths of horses, including five in the last six Melbourne Cups.
“Cruel practices like whipping and tongue tying happen every day in the horse racing industry, and we even see horses subjected to electric shocks to get them to run faster – all for the sake of a bet.
“Even after all the evidence of animal cruelty and racehorses being sent to slaughterhouses in appalling conditions, Racing Victoria clearly isn’t serious about animal welfare. They are only committing a paltry ten percent of ticket sales to ‘equine wellbeing’. I reckon they will spend more on champagne than horses’ welfare at the Cup this year.
“We need a Royal Commission into cruelty in horse racing to hold the industry to account and protect horses.
“I know many people feel uncomfortable about participating in Melbourne Cup events because of the way horses are treated. It isn’t an easy position to take, with the Melbourne Cup promoted so heavily, but it is important we give a voice to the voiceless. I encourage people to make their views known and say ‘Nup to the Cup’.
“Every year more and more people recognise animals never win when gambling profits are at stake. That’s why I’m saying nup to the cup. People really should ask themselves if the Melbourne Cup party is really worth it?” she concluded.

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