A Budget to deliver more houses and better homes

The 2024-25 NSW Budget delivers a plan to build quality homes and ease the pressure on renters, home builders and those living in strata communities with a $55.2 million investment.

The NSW Government has already established Building Commission NSW and created the 
Strata and Property Services Commissioner and the NSW Rental Commissioner. The 2024-
25 Budget sees them grow so they can continue to deliver better outcomes for the people 
of NSW.

Better quality homes

The Minns Labor Government is continuing to crack down on dodgy builders with a $35 
million boost to Building Commission NSW, for enhanced digital capabilities as it continues 
lifting building standards statewide.

A fair deal for renters

The 2024-25 NSW Budget will deliver better conditions for renters with $8.4 million for
frontline rental inspectors and engagement officers to help the Rental Commissioner 
enforce quality standards.

Better higher density communities

The Minns Labor Government is increasing support for people living in higher density 
communities with $11.8 million to allow the Strata and Property Services Commissioner to 
educate owners’ corporations and hold strata agents to account, including $3.5 million over 
2 years towards the Strata Hub online platform to centralise information for those who 
live in or own a property in a strata scheme.

The Minns Labor Government is continuing to deliver the systems needed to build better 
homes and better communities for the people of NSW.

This is a Budget that recognises that everyone in NSW needs a place they can call home, 
whether they’re building, they’re renting or they’re living in a strata community.

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