Building a stronger Fire and Rescue NSW

The Minns Labor Government is investing an additional $189.5 million over 4 years to provide job security for hundreds of firefighters statewide.

The 2024-25 NSW Budget preserves the jobs of almost 300 firefighters and delivers funding for a key new fire station.

This must-have investment is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to rebuild essential services and help communities prepare for emergencies.

The government is delivering on its long-term plan to rebuild our essential services by investing in physical infrastructure and in the frontline workers who deliver the services the people of NSW need.

This is part of the Minns Labor Government’s plan to build stronger, safer communities across the state.

A plan to rebuild Fire and Rescue NSW.

A plan to build a better NSW.

Guaranteeing firefighter jobs

The Labor Government’s 2024-25 Budget will guarantee the positions of the 286 existing firefighters whose roles did not previously have ongoing funding, including those at Oran Park station.

This will ensure FRNSW’s critical service delivery and comes as 20 extra firefighters, recruited this year, prepare to graduate later this month.

New fire station

The Minns Labor Government is also planning for the future needs of Western Sydney and the new airport.

This Budget invests $15.4 million to buy land and build a new 24-hour fire station at Badgerys Creek equipped with 3 new appliances.

The strategically located facility will boost emergency services coverage across south-west Sydney alongside the soon-to-be-opened Busby Station.

Minister for Emergency Services Jihad Dib said:

“We have set about rebuilding frontline emergency services for the long term, so they are in a stronger and more sustainable position to protect the people of NSW.

“We always knew the former government failed to adequately prepare for population growth, but the extent to which it neglected to fund existing resources is truly alarming, with the salaries of almost 300 active permanent firefighters never budgeted for.

“These firefighters are needed on the frontline and are on the job keeping the community safe, but the former government forced Fire and Rescue NSW to put their salaries on the credit card and never paid the bill.

“By prioritising investment in firefighters and new stations, we will be better prepared for emergencies and able to confront the evolving challenges posed by natural disasters.

“These investments through the 2024-25 NSW Budget underscore our focus on safeguarding the wellbeing of NSW residents and communities in times of crisis, while continuing to manage the state’s finances responsibly.”

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