$250 million Drought Ready and Resilient Fund

The Minns Labor government is investing in the readiness and resilience of the state’s agriculture industry, with the creation of a $250 million Drought Ready and Resilient Fund (DRRF).

This fund will allow eligible primary producers to apply for low interest loans of up to $250,000 to fund a broad range of operational products, activities and services to prepare and respond to the impacts of drought.

According to research by the NSW Rural Assistance Authority, these loans, which can be paid off over 5 or 10 years, are estimated to save farmers on average $40,000 over a 5-year loan, when compared to other similar loans.

Importantly, for the first time the DRRF will allow farmers to access loans for other core activities like the purchasing of fodder and transport of livestock to protect their welfare, not just capital investments.

It ensures the NSW Government is working with the sector to provide an innovative and proactive response as parts of the state enter into drought conditions.

For those in regions not yet experiencing drier conditions, the DRRF also incentivises participation in the vital planning and preparedness phase of drought management and climate variability mitigation, improving response and recovery outcomes for farming businesses.

Unlike previous funds which are designed to support capital investment, DRRF can be used for essential items such as:

  • purchasing fodder
  • feeding equipment
  • stock transportation costs
  • veterinary and professional nutrition and welfare advice
  • fencing for rotational grazing
  • exclusion and cluster fencing
  • construction of containment feeding pens
  • stock shade structures
  • planting of trees
  • stock and domestic water (including its transportation).

The Minns Labor government is committed to supporting rural and region Australia in times of drought.

It’s why this fund comes in conjunction with the refocusing of the $120 million Farm Innovation Fund, to the Drought Infrastructure Fund, offering loans of up to $1 million, at a low interest rate of 2.5%.

The Drought Infrastructure Fund is designed to promote capital investment in on-farm infrastructure that assists farmers in transitioning their farms to become more resilient, productive and sustainable.

By establishing these 2 types of funds the government is opening up options and flexibility for farmers, depending on their needs and circumstances, and ensuring the viability of agricultural operations – livestock, cropping or horticulture – across NSW.

Applications are welcome now for the Drought Infrastructure Fund, and for the Drought Ready and Resilient Fund applications are open from 1 December 2023. Information at the Rural Assistance Authoritylaunch website.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said:

“We know that NSW does not thrive unless our regions and agricultural industries thrive.

“This is a significant investment that demonstrates our commitment to the resilience of farmers across our state, particularly as they enter drier and warmer weather conditions.

“We know disaster prepared is more important than ever before. This is a commonsense initiative that allows farmers to get ahead of the dry season and protect their livelihoods.” 

Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty said:

“The NSW Government is committed to supporting our agriculture sector and this is an important investment in the resilience of this vital industry throughout the emerging dry conditions.

“The aim of this government initiative is to give farmers access to operational funding so they can get assistance to work through a challenging period.

“This is a common sense approach to ensuring farmers and livestock producers across NSW have the resources they need in the event of drought.

“We will continue to monitor the drought indicator closely and ensure that farmers receive the support they need.

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