No doubt about consent campaign

The NSW Government’s highly successful education campaign, empowering young people to check consent before engaging in sexual activity, has been relaunched today in the lead up to the end of year party season.
The expansion of the Make No Doubt campaign follows the success of phase 3 of the social and digital media campaign which ran from May to August this year and has recorded more than 46.75 million impressions to date.
Attorney General Mark Speakman said independent research commissioned to assess the campaign’s impact on 16-24 year olds shows that it is changing attitudes and behaviours in relation to seeking consent.
“The Make No Doubt videos are designed to ensure people are empowered to check consent every time they engage in sexual activity,” Mr Speakman said.
“This is especially important for 16-24 year olds who have a higher risk of sexual assault perpetration and victimisation. It’s about making sure that when people engage in sexual activity, they are taking part voluntarily and are choosing to say ‘yes’.
“The feedback on the campaign has been very positive. I thank the many stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and support during its development, particularly Saxon Mullins, Rachael Burgin and Chanel Contos.”
Minister for Women’s Safety and the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence Natalie Ward said the relaunch of the Make No Doubt campaign builds on the NSW Government’s strong reforms to ensure consent needs to be given freely and voluntarily.
“We have listened extensively to victim-survivors about how we can improve our response to sexual violence, including how to boost education for the community on what constitutes consent,” Mrs Ward said.
“This campaign is empowering people to make the right choices and is making it clear that you need to check consent every time you engage in sexual activity.
“The NSW Government’s consent laws set clear boundaries for consensual sex and this campaign will help ensure even more people understand what they need to do to have healthy, respectful relationships.”
Survivor Advocate and Director of Rape & Sexual Assault Research & Advocacy, Saxon Mullins welcomed the expansion of the Make No Doubt campaign.
“It’s important that we continue to have open conversations about consent that don’t trivialise or obscure it,” Ms Mullins said.
“The extension of the Make No Doubt campaign keeps the conversation going. The more people who see these videos, the better we’ll all be.”
Chanel Contos, CEO & Founder of Teach Us Consent Movement, said the independent research shows that the campaign is clearly having an impact.
“The fact that 81% of people, and 83% of young men, who saw the campaign have already taken some form of positive action in relation to consent, speaks volumes to the success of this campaign,” Ms Contos said.
“Public education campaigns like this are crucial as we strive for cultural change. I hope this is one of many.”
The video ads will run on social media and digital channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok plus some new channels including Twitch and online dating platforms.
The NSW Government debuted Make No Doubt in 2018 and followed up with a second phase in 2019. Phase 3 of Make No Doubt ran for 12 weeks from 25 May 2022. 
The new campaign will run from today until January 2023.
The videos are the product of months of consultation with numerous stakeholders, including sexual violence service providers and community groups.
Make No Doubt campaign videos and images available here.

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