NSW Labor will remove construction speed limits outside of construction hours

Under a Minns Labor Government, roads subject to temporary speed limits due to construction work, will return to normal outside of construction hours, where safe to do so.
Currently, construction speed limits remain in effect outside of construction hours.
Labor acknowledges some road and lane closures that warrant ongoing speed reductions for the purposes of safety.
But it is not uncommon for drivers to have to slow down on an unobstructed road for work that is not taking place.
And speed cameras are also adjusted to lower limits, resulting in drivers facing heavy fines, demerit points and license suspension for travelling at the normal speed limit, even when it is safe to do so.
Labor will return speed limits to normal when work isn’t taking place and where it is safe to do so.
This is consistent with the report from the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Mobile Speed Camera Enforcement Programs in NSW, conducted by the joint committee on road safety which said:
“The Committee also heard concerns about the application of lower speed limits in work zones when works are not occurring. The Committee recommends that Transport for NSW consider reviewing the safety benefits and nature of appropriate speed enforcement in roadwork zones.”  [3.33, p 33]
These arrangements are also in place in Victoria and South Australia and the NSW Opposition is backing it as a common sense approach in NSW.
NSW Labor also notes this is particularly an issue in regional NSW where drastic speed reductions from 100km/h to 40km/h can occur for roadworks.

NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns said:

 “We want to return speed limits to normal when work isn’t taking place and there is no requirement from a safety perspective.
“This is a common sense policy that Labor in government will deliver for drivers.
“We have seen this work in other jurisdictions, now it’s time for NSW to get up to speed.”

NSW Shadow Minister for Roads John Graham said:
“Only lowering speed limits when it’s necessary for driver and worker safety will bring the community on side for these important measures.
“These changes will make it safer for workers too, it will limit the risk of drivers risking it when a work site looks quiet.
“We want to limit the confusing patchwork of speed limits that can occur near roadworks and which only serve to frustrate drivers when not in place for safety reasons.
“Road safety measures should be about making roads safer, not slowing down your commute or fines revenue raising.”

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