Tolls surge by 2.1% in a single quarter

Sydney tolls could surge by almost 2.1 per cent in just a single quarter, beginning this Friday.
Under the latest quarterly rates, Sydney motorists will be hit with toll increases of between one and 2.1 per cent.
The quarterly increase – one of the highest on record – commences this Friday, 1 July 2022.
The Westlink M7 and Hills M2 are the roads which will see the largest increases, with the average Sydney car to be slammed with an additional $91.20 in tolls over the next 12 months*.
Western Sydney households will be hardest impacted by the increases. The government’s own data shows that 17 of the top 20 most tolled postcodes are in Western Sydney.
This will take their annual tolling bill to up to $4,267.20. And that’s just for using the Westlink M7.
Roads Minister Natalie Ward has admitted that Western Sydney motorists with multiple vehicles could be paying $6,000 a year in tolls.
The Premier has locked in many of the state’s toll roads into annual increases of four per cent or higher.
Last week, Labor announced a Minns Government will keep the Sydney Harbour Tunnel toll concession in public hands and return revenue from both the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to drivers in the form of toll relief.
Chris Minns, NSW Labor Leader said:  

The reality the Perrottet Government has locked Sydney drivers into an arrangement with toll operators of minimum four per cent increases each year, every year, for the next forty years.
“And in the middle of a cost of living crisis, Sydney households are getting slammed for it. We’re already the most tolled city in the world.”

John Graham MLC, NSW Shadow Minister for Roads said:
“After locking Sydney into massive toll increases for the next forty years, Premier Perrottet’s response is to pay motorists to pay private toll operators.
“And on Friday, Premier Perrottet’s toll relief will mean even less.”
*Assuming two trips a day, 48 weeks a year

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