School crossings across NSW will be made even safer with 300 more lollipop supervisors to be provided by the Liberals & Nationals Government.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Education Rob Stokes said the initiative, an investment of $18.5 million over four years, would offer more protection for children and improved visibility for motorists.

“Keeping kids safe is our number one priority and every child in NSW should be able to get to and from school safely,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“Lollipop men and women are such an important part of the community effort to making our roads safer for children.”
Mr Stokes said under the previous requirements, a crossing had to be used by 300 cars per hour in the morning or afternoon as well as at least 50 students to be eligible for a supervisor. Under the change, they will only need to meet one of the criteria.
“This initiative means more schools will be eligible for a lollipop supervisor, including 69 schools that had applied in the last two years and were found ineligible,” Mr Stokes said.
“School zones are some of the safest parts of our road network and since 2013 we haven’t lost a single child in an operating school zone.”
The School Crossing Supervisor Program currently funds up to 1200 supervisors at around 800 crossings across the State.
School zone safety has always been a priority for the Liberals & Nationals Government. There is now at least one set of school zone flashing lights for every school in NSW. More than 5500 school flashing lights have been installed.

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