Seniors to Benefit from Remote Aged Care Workforce Accord

Senior Australians living in remote areas will benefit from a targeted new initiative to sustain, support and expand the aged care workforce in remote communities.
“I welcome this move, which involves experienced remote aged care providers and expert organisations taking up the Accord on the Remote Aged Care Workforce, part of our Government’s landmark Aged Care Workforce Strategy,” said Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Ken Wyatt AM.
“The Accord group will provide a unified voice for remote and very remote age care services and is expected to meet at least four times a year.
“The industry-led Accord recognises the unique challenges and the importance of finding local solutions to support a safe and rewarding working environment to attract and retain remote area workers.
“The group will focus on practical action, with the aim of supporting senior Australians to live close to home with the care they need, provided by people they know and trust, who are well trained and connected with their communities.”
Accord Chair is Chris Hall, CEO of Juniper WA. Deputy Chair is Praveen Gopal, Operations Manager, Aged Care and Disability Services at MacDonnell Regional Council, Northern Territory.
Professor John Pollaers OAM, Chair of the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce, said: “The Remote Accord will help lead the industry in maximising local workforce development and designing training and education experiences suited to people in remote settings.
“It will also work with communities to support the safety of the aged care workforce, and liaise with governments on appropriate program and policy settings for better remote aged care delivery.”
The Accord is part of continuing efforts by the industry, with the support of the Liberal National Government, to find new and innovative ways to provide services to senior Australians living in remote communities.
The Accord will complement extensive new Government funding and places for regional and remote aged care, including $40 million for capital works and expansions, $105.7 million for an additional 900 residential and home care places for First Nations aged care, and the regional priority given to the more than 14,000 new residential places allocated in 2018.
The Aged Care Workforce Strategy includes practical actions to grow the professional workforce and attract, train and retain skilled and talented staff to work in aged care services in a variety of settings.
For more about the remote accord and the workforce strategy go to the Department of Health’s website.

Deliver protection for LGBT+ students and staff in religious schools now, not after election: Greens

The Morrison government must deliver now on its promise to remove discrimination against LGBT+ students in religious schools, and include teachers and staff, say the Greens.
“With even some religious schools now joining the call for this discrimination to end, it’s time for parliamentarians to get on with the job and remove religious schools’ ability to expel and fire LGBT+ students and staff,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson.
“We need to protect LGBT+ students and staff from discrimination in schools now. Not next year, not after the federal election.”
“When the heat was on in Wentworth, Prime Minister Morrison said discrimination against LGBT+ students would be removed by the end of the following week. Yet we’re still waiting.”
“The Greens have a bill before the Senate right now. If the Morrison government supports it and we could remove discrimination in our schools against both LGBT+ students and staff by the end of the next sitting week.”

Greens call for rebel MPs not to be punished for voting for Live Export Ban

Australian Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, and Australian Greens Leader, Senator Di Natale, have written to the Prime Minister demanding a free vote on their live export bill, which passed the Senate in September. They have also called for Liberal MPs who want to support the bill not to be punished by the party.
Several Liberal MPs, such as Sussan Ley MP, Sarah Hendersen MP and Jason Wood MP have expressed deep concerns about Live Exports and the Greens believe they could vote for the bill if it were brought on for a vote. Ms Ley and Ms Henderson risk losing their outer ministry if they cross the floor. The letter is available <a href=”… bill would ban live sheep shipments to the Middle East during the Northern Summer, then completely ban shipments after a five year phase out period.
Senator Faruqi said: “I appeal to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to allow a vote on live exports and to not punish MPs who vote with their conscience. He needs to respect democracy and recognise that a majority of the Parliament, not to mention the community, want this trade shut down. He needs to allow a free vote with no retribution for those that care about animal welfare issues”
“We know there are people in the Liberal Party who would support ending the worst aspects of the live sheep trade if a free vote were allowed in the House of Representatives. “The Live Export industry deserves no more chances” she concluded.

Australian Greens Senator Says 'Nup to the Cup'

Australian Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has said ‘Nup to the Cup’ and will join millions of Australians who won’t be participating in the Melbourne Cup today. A Guardian Essential Poll has found just 8% of Australians have a high interest in horse racing, and almost one third of Australians don’t participate in Melbourne Cup due to animal welfare and gambling concerns.
Senator Faruqi said: “Horse racing is an anachronism that is becoming less and less relevant by the day. Despite the gambling industry propaganda, millions of Australians today will be saying ‘nup to the cup’ and I am one of them.
“Just a few months ago, the ABC revealed a culture of doping, drug abuse and cheating in horse racing. Images of starving ex-racing horsers show that animal cruelty and neglect are still rife.
“Whipping horses to make them run faster is just cruel. One racehorse dies every 3 days in Australia and 119 racehorses have died in the last racing year alone.
“I’m saying ‘Nup to the Cup’ and I encourage others to not participate in gambling fueled animal cruelty,” she concluded.


A Shorten Labor Government will fix Townsville’s water security once and for all by fully funding Stage two of the Water Security Taskforce’s report, building it concurrently with Stage one – and with no strings attached.
Labor will also invest $200 million to build a hydro-electric power station on the Burdekin Dam. This will put downward pressure on power bills, create 150 local jobs and generate enough electricity for 30,000 homes.
Last week, the final Townsville Water Security Taskforce report called for “a once and for all fix” for Townsville’s water supply.
Fixing Townsville’s water crisis is critical. That’s why a year and a half ago Labor committed $100 million in funding.
Now that we’ve got the final report from the Water Security Taskforce we will implement its recommendations. Delivering water security for Townsville once and for all.
The Water Security Taskforce said that building Stage 1 and Stage 2 concurrently would save taxpayers $55 million.
This would deliver long term water security for Townsville cheaper, faster and it would mean more jobs now for a town that needs it.
These are critical projects for the region’s future – the people who live and work in Townsville need affordable water solutions that provide for a reliable supply into the longer term.
Federal Labor’s investment would be in partnership with Queensland Labor, who are currently building stage one.
These investments are a result of the advocacy of Cathy O’Toole, who has been fighting for Townsville to get the water security it needs. It is also a testament to the local community’s determination to get a resolution, in particular Water Security Taskforce Chairman Brad Webb.
We led the way in funding the Townsville Stadium redevelopment and in recognising the need for port channel widening. Today, we’re continuing to lead on water security and hydro power for the Burdekin.
Labor’s commitment to securing Townsville’s water supply has no strings attached – it’s rock solid.
We won’t leave this project half-done or waste time on unnecessary business cases that push construction out into the never never.
Labor first committed $100 million to implement the findings of the Townsville Water Security Taskforce more than a year and a half ago. Today we’re increasing that funding to deliver the water security Townsville needs.

Canberra GIANTS Announce Coaching Team for 2019

Netball NSW and Netball ACT are pleased to announce the appointment of the coaching team who will lead the Canberra GIANTS in the 2019 Deakin University Australian Netball League (DUANL) season.
Long-time Canberran, Melinda Clarke is welcomed back to the DUANL environment as Head Coach for the 2019 DUANL season. She previously held the position of Canberra Darters Head Coach prior to the implementation of the Suncorp Super Netball competition in 2017. Clarke has an extensive coaching career within the ACT and NSW pathways, which spans 17 years. Most recently, she was Head Coach of the Belconnen Netball Association State League Division One team and the Manly Warringah Sapphires Opens team, which competes in the Netball NSW Premier League competition.
Joining Clarke in the Assistant Coach role is former Australian Diamond and GIANTS Netball player, Rebecca Bulley. The defender is also a familiar face to netball fans in the ACT, having played for the AIS Canberra Darters. Bulley brings with her a wealth of High Performance experience, with 42 international caps and 228 national league matches to her name, making her an invaluable addition as Assistant Coach and mentor to the Canberra GIANTS athletes.
Netball ACT General Manager Benita Bittner is thrilled to welcome Clarke and Bulley to their new roles with the Canberra GIANTS.
“The 2019 Canberra GIANTS coaching staff brings together two eras of netball in the ACT – Melinda with her experience as the Canberra Darters Coach and Rebecca with the new GIANTS Netball franchise.
“I am confident the coaching team will be a formidable force within the GIANTS family and the DUANL competition,” she says.
Bittner also acknowledges the hard work of the departing coaching staff over the last two seasons.
“We would like to thank the outgoing coaching staff – Co-Head Coaches Sharyn Hill and Maria Lynch and Assistant Coach Tara Steel – for their efforts and contributions to the team in the first two years of the Canberra GIANTS,” she Bittner.
GIANTS Netball Head Coach Julie Fitzgerald is looking forward to working with Clarke and Bulley in 2019.
“The strong connection between GIANTS Netball and Canberra GIANTS is of enormous value to us and integral to the future success of our Club. The DUANL is a wonderful opportunity for players to develop their game and test themselves before making a transition into the elite Suncorp Super Netball league.
“Melinda and Bec bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Canberra GIANTS and will be able to provide indispensable guidance to the team as they continue to grow and compete at a semi-elite level.
“I am especially delighted to have Bec join the coaching ranks within the GIANTS family. As a former GIANTS Netball player with a great understanding of the GIANTS culture, Bec will further strengthen the connection between both sides. With her competitive drive and supportive nature, I have every confidence in her ability to positively influence the direction of the Canberra GIANTS,” Fitzgerald says.
A joint initiative between Netball ACT and Netball NSW, the Canberra GIANTS team provides a direct pathway to the elite Suncorp Super Netball competition. The team is comprised of players from the ACT and NSW development pathways. Players are appointed to the squad on a yearly basis, with selections based on competitive trials held annually.
Nominations close at 5.00pm today for athletes wishing to trial for a chance to join the 2019 Canberra GIANTS, with trials to take place on 7 November, while players who successfully trial will be confirmed by 1 December, 2018.
The 2019 DUANL Fixture will soon be announced by Netball Australia, along with information on competition dates and details to purchase tickets.

Telling the stories of our service men and women

Our government is backing plans for the Australian War Memorial that will honour Australians who have served in our armed forces, and those men and women who serve today.
Our $498 million investment in the Australian War Memorial’s redevelopment will help them tell new stories in new ways.
It means the Australian War Memorial will be able to display more of their collection and proudly tell the stories from recent years in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Solomon Islands and East Timor.
We want to recognise the service of our Australian Defence Force members and safeguard a place for history to present and communicate those stories not yet written.
The redevelopment will increase visitor areas by 83 per cent or ar ound 10,000 square metres to expand the exhibition and public program space which is currently at capacity. The Australian War Memorial will be able to better tell the stories of current and recent conflicts, operations, peacekeeping, and humanitarian missions.
It will include a new temporary exhibition space, improved visitor orientation, wayfinding and amenities, areas for respite and reflection, new education facilities, and a theatre and functions space.
Our ex-serving organisations which play a vital role in supporting our veterans and their families will also be recognised along with the proud communities throughout Australia whose loved ones never returned.
This funding builds on our new Australian Veterans’ Covenant, Veterans’ Card and lapel pin, as well as the $1.4 billion we’re investing for fairer indexation of defence force pensions, free mental health care for all veterans and our veterans to work program.
Whether it’s respecting and recognising our veterans and their families, record investment in defence force capability or building a place where we can proudly tell their stories for generations to come, our government is committed to putting our service men and women and veterans first.

Minister Canavan is recklessly misleading the public on petrol prices: Greens

Resources Minister Matt Canavan is misleading the Australian people by linking petrol prices to drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight, the Greens say.
“Saying that letting big oil drill in the Bight will lower petrol prices is plainly wrong and highly misleading,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.
“The Minister is either deliberately lying, or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about by trying to link current petrol prices to the push for drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight.
“The Minister has himself said that drilling for oil in the Bight, if approved, wouldn’t be in operation for at least a decade. Even then, the oil is earmarked for foreign companies to ship straight overseas, not for use here in Australia.
“Thankfully South Australians are not as easily fooled as the Morrison Government seems to think we are. There is no link between today’s petrol prices and the campaign to protect our Bight from devastation of an oil spill. To argue otherwise is a lie.
“South Australians are not willing to risk the devastating impact of an oil spill in the Bight. The jewel in our crown, Kangaroo Island, our tourism and fishing industries, and our precious marine life are too important to risk.
“This hip-pocket manipulation is disrespectful and dishonest to people struggling with mounting cost of living pressures.
“Renewables are on the rise and electric car technology is getting better every day. In 10 years’ time, with a bit of ambition and political will, we will be less reliant on fossil fuels. The UN’s harrowing climate change report makes plain that we urgently need to phase out fossil fuels. We must heed that warning for the planet, and for our communities.
“There is no social licence to drill in the Great Australian Bight. The Greens stand firm with the South Australian community who want our Bight protected.”

Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison Regarding Live Sheep Exports

Prime Minister Scott Morrison MP PO Box 6022
House of Representatives, Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Dear Prime Minister,
We are writing today asking that you allow a free vote in the House of Representatives on the ‘Animal Export Legislation Amendment (Ending Long-haul Live Sheep Exports) 2018’, which was passed by the Senate on September 10.
The non-partisan bill, which was cosponsored by the Australian Greens, Sen. Tim Storer and Sen. Derryn Hinch, would bring an immediate end to long-haul sheep and lamb export voyages to the Persian Gulf or through the Red Sea during the Northern Hemisphere summer. After a transitional five-year period, that ban would be extended to cover the entire year.
Australians are demanding action to bring an end to live exports because of systemic and repeated issues of animal abuse. The horrifying images of suffering animals have shocked the community to its core. Unfortunately, the live export industry has shown itself to be incapable of or unwilling to address these serious deficiencies in its conduct. The recently released Moss Review has shown a system that has failed animals and is based on money, not animal welfare. The community is looking to Parliament for leadership.
We believe that the House of Representatives has a right to vote on the matter and that the numbers exist for the legislation to pass, in line with community sentiment and expectations. The only thing standing in the way of resolving this problem to the satisfaction of the Australian public at this point in time is your Government. By not allowing the bill to be debated, democratic process and the wishes of millions of Australians are being disregarded.
We therefore request that you allow debate on the bill to proceed to a vote on the week of November 26. In addition we request that you allow a free vote on the bill in your party and agree not to seek retribution against any MPs who cross the floor.
Thank you.
Senator Mehreen Faruqi
Australian Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson
Richard Di Natale
Australian Greens Leader

Kids need to be brought off Nauru now

Reports that the Australian Government plans to bring the children it is detaining on Nauru to Australia by Christmas removes any excuse to keep people in offshore detention, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.
“The warped logic of offshore detention is crumbling around the major parties. There is now no excuse not to end offshore detention and conclude this dark chapter in our country’s history,” Senator McKim said.
“Christmas is not soon enough – we need to get every child and their family here to Australia now, which we can do if Labor supports the legislation we currently have before the Parliament.”
“Public pressure is finally having an impact on Government policy, and as a result the entire artifice of offshore detention is falling apart.”
“There is now no logic behind holding any man, woman or child on Manus Island or Nauru for a single day longer. It is vital that we give them safety and freedom in our country permanently.”